Sunday, June 29, 2014

Salam Ramadhan!!

Assalamualaikum and greetings..

Alhamdulillah, again, Allah gives me another chance to meet Ramadhan, the most miracle month, where muslims will fast from food and drinks from sunrise till sunset, where all the good things done in this month will be repaid in in folds.

Hope that this year of Ramadhan will help us to be a better muslim, a better person, with upgraded imaan insyaAllah..

Oh, as in Ramadhan, your prayers will be heard more, please please please pray for our brothers and sisters all around the world for their safety, health and strength, especially those in difficult situation like in Syria, Mesir, Palestin, Sri Lanka...Never ever forget to pray for others. You'll never know that maybe some blessings in your life are actually came from others' prayers for you. So, keep praying for others too!!

So just some sharings about Ramadhan from googling activity this morning. Salam Ramadhan all!!!!!

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hi and Thanks!!

Assalamualaikum and Hi!!

If you are reading this, thank you for reading! I'll be updating this blog whenever I have some materials. Till then, please support my other blog Totally me, it's more about my trip to Japan, and my other future trips insyaAllah, and also some tips on travelling and backpacking.

Till then, see you again!!!

haNya dyaNa

Thursday, June 12, 2014

New blog, but no need to say goodbye!!

Assalamualaikum and greetings..

Hoho, I just learnt that this blog was private up till today. I've privated this blog for so long because of some dark moments, up till I forgot that it was private haha.. the previous ' I'm back!!! ' entry is a waste hahahhahahahha...

But, it's ok, because now it's public again! *Hari yang gelap kini sudah cerah*


Eventhough I love this blog and the name so so sooooooooooooooooo much, but, after doing some thinkings , I've decided (which was few days already) to move to a new block oopss... new blog.

So, for my old blog-friends and followers (if you're still there), feel free to follow and read my new blog Totally me!

'Start fresh' is what I want. A new life, a new journey. And I hope all of you will be in that journey too!!

I love you guys! And miss you too!!

Old entries will remain here. Maybe in some special times, there will be new entries here too. Who knows? ^_^

a song came to my mind ~~ I'll come back, when it's over..No need to say goodbye. You'll come back when it's over, No need to say goodbye~~
haNya dyaNa

Sunday, June 8, 2014

I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Assalamualaikum and a very good day!!!

Phewwww... after more than 1 year, I'm backkkkk!!!! weeeee *fireworks please!*

Many things happened in this one year and few months, and the biggest one is, I manage to fulfill one of my top things to do from my bucket list, that is *drum roll*... Visit Japan!!!!! Alhamdulillah..

Yeah, you heard me right! And alhamdulillah, I'm sooooo grateful, so so so grateful to ALLAH for the chance that he gave.

I'm actually on my way to write entries about my trip. It's for sharing purpose because most people will think that Japan is an expensive country. It's yes and no at the same time hehe. If you plan it right, you can save much much more money than you think. We went there for 10 days and we only spent about 3500 per pax only. That includes flight ticket, transportation (Nagoya-Osaka-Mt Fuji-Tokyo-Nagoya), accommodation, food, admission fee for attractions, Disneyland and Disneysea and Disney Resort (yes, it's true), but shopping was not included of course. Details will be told later in later entries, and I really hope the information can help those who really want to go to Japan with not-so-high-budget. It's like 'Now everyone can go to Japan'. Because for me, it's a country that worth your trip and money. You will not only can enjoy the sceneries, but you can experience the culture there, you can experience the 'akhlak islamiyyah' lifestyle in a country that Muslim is not the majority, you will experience the kindness without doubt, you will experience many things that can make you a better person, a better society. Yes, of course they're not perfect, they're human too. But you can learn so much there.

So, after this, my entries will be much about my trip there. Hope you can bare with me. I'll share everything, every place that we went, every cost that we bared. Hope every information I'll share here may at least help you in planning purpose.

Oh, and I'm on my way to renew my blog, in term of design and template hehe. I want to start fresh. again. So it may take time too. Hope you can be patient enough with me *yo yo ooo je ada orang nak baca kan dan tunggu kan? ahhahahah*

so, few pics for teaser, of course!!! ^_^

alhamdulillah, we managed to catch the sakura bloom ^_^

Cousin, me and my sis.. yeah, girls' trip rocks!!!!

Thanx for reading! See you again!!!!!!!! xoxo

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.” 

haNya dyaNa

Thursday, April 11, 2013

it's the end...


it's the end....

May be that's the best........


haNya dyaNa

Monday, March 25, 2013

Second chance?

I wrote this in my FB..

And i think i should put it here too (^__^)

Pernah dengar cerita? 
kisah 1: seorang wanita gemuk, dikahwini seorang lelaki yg menerima dia seadanya. Tidak lama selepas itu, si wanita sangat ingin kurus supaya lbih cantik, itu impiannya.. dirayu suaminya, suaminya kerja biasa2 bekerja keras siang dan malam, mencari wang utk program pelangsingan...setelah berjaya kurus dan cantik, wanita itu meminta cerai dari si suami dengan alasan sudah punya kekasih lain.

kisah 2: seorang lelaki yang biasa2, tidak punya banyak harta, tidak ada pangkat tapi punya seorang kekasih yg menerima dia seadanya. Impiannya menjadi seorang jutawan. Biar ketika susah, kekasihnya sentiasa memberi sokongan, mendoakan, menolong sedaya, sehingga satu tahap lelaki itu berjaya, jadi jutawan, punya harta dan kedudukan, ditinggalakn wanita tadi kerana ada wanita lain yg dia jatuh cinta selepas kaya.

kisah 3: seorang anak belajar di universiti. ayahnya hanya pengawal keselamatan, namun ayahnya sanggup mengambil banyak kerja sampingan bagi memenuhi keperluan si ana; laptop, henfon, dsbgnya...namun, saat anaknya berjaya menjadi seorang yg hebat mahu berkahwin dengan anak orang yang hebat, anaknya malu mengaku ayahnya siapa, malah dikatakan dia adalah anak yatim piatu dan berusaha sendiri ketika di universiti.


kisah 1: selepas bercerai, wanita itu ditinggalkan oleh teman lelaki barunya. Dia stress dan gemuk kembali. Kali ini tiada seorang suami menerima dia seadanya..tiada seorang suami untuk menanggung program kurusnya.

kisah 2: lelaki itu berkahwin dengan wanita tersebut, takdirnya dia jatuh sakit, tidak mampu bekerja, perniagaan merudum, dia bankrup, dan isterinya meninggalkannya kerana tidak sanggup bersusah bersama. Kali ini dia susah, dan tiada sesiapa mahu menyokong dan menemani kesusahannya.

kisah 3: anda sendiri sudah boleh bayang apa kesudahannya ;)

Pengajaran: ambil masa sejenak, dan renung sekeliling kamu..-->hargai setiap orang di sekeliling kita yg sanggup bersama dalam setiap keadaan..hargailah org yang terima kita seadanya tika kita tiada apa...hargai orang yg di sisi kita ketika kita susah dan senang...hargai orang di sekeliling kita tatkala manusia lain meremehkan kita..jangan kerana ada impian kamu tercapai, kamu lupa menghargai mereka...kerana jika kamu kehilangan mereka, mungkin tiada lagi peluang kedua untuk kamu...... (^__^)

lebih buruk lagi...mungkin kamu sebenarnya sedang diberi peluang kedua....dan kamu sedang persiakan tanpa kamu sedari.....

haNya dyaNa

Saturday, March 23, 2013

sorry..and Burger Kukus Lava!!!

Assalamualaikum and greetings...

Sorry for still being being down...

So to counterback that entries, i would like to share something here..


Last time I went to Man Burger Kukus Lava in Damansara Damai..

 sori gambar terbalik haha
itu nombor giliran yg akan dipanggil bila burger siap

Patrick Special
Thick patty, and i thinks there's some fats there haha and it was mine hahahha *Fat*

Spongebob double special
square patty, but, err, it seems like too thin for 'a spongebob' not sure because this wasn't mine haha

For me, well, the burger of course was delicious! Lot of mayonnaise and sauce for sure..
Plus the blackpaper sauce...ummmmmh yummy!!!
I think it's kind of healthy because they'll steam the patty first before they burn grill the patty...
so no oil is used, i think haha (^__^)

Oh, the burgers were named after Spongebob Squarepants and friends hehe..
I think the most special one is called Mr Krabs. And the prices are acceptable, for me :)

If you're interested to know more, you can go to the FB site for this stall : Man Burger Kukus Lava

gambar ihsan FB dia heheheh..please 'open image in new tab' for a better view :)

Oh, just a gentle reminder, if you want to eat this at the place, u'll order drinks from other restaurant, so before you're going back, don't forget to pay the drinks hahaa.... because we did!! Luckily the restaurant owner recognized our faces and called...hahaaa...malu malu!

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.
~Charles Spurgeon~

haNya dyaNa