Sunday, December 25, 2011

it is forbidden.....but i still love my friends...

I know what day is today..
but as a muslim..i am forbidden to wish and celebrate this day..
It may cause a roar among people..especially among Christians..
why cant Muslim wish us 'Merry Christmas' while when they were celebrating Hari Raya, we wish them 'Selamat Hari Raya' joyfully..
this is not only for Christmas actually..
We, Muslims are forbidden to wish for any religious-celebration...only!
it is because, we, Muslims are only allowed to believe that only ISLAM is true..
only ALLAH is the God and Muhammad PBUH is His Prophet...

by saying 'Merry Christmas'...or 'Happy Deepavali'..
it also means that we admit that other religion is true, your God is true..
and that's forbidden for us..
Islam is not racist..cause it is not about RACE...but it is about religion..
I'm not an Ulama', so i dont put any dalil here..
I dont want to be someone who just cut and paste everything from the internet to make me look like very much knowledgeable, so i just write my opinion..
but if you want some dalil... this page may help: HERE.
if you love internet, you can google for more sources..

In certain country, with major are Christians, the fatwa maybe slightly different..
For Malaysians, please dont make this as a racism issue...
I still love all my friends..doesn't matter whether u are Christians, or Buddhist or Hindus, but in term of religion, i love Islam more..i love ALLAH more..
and this is important for muslims, because it is about faith..about aqidah..
so, please bear with us for this facts..

and for muslims, let's strive in understanding Islam more...
if we, muslims don't really understand our beloved religion, how can we explain to others??
how can we show the beauty of Islam to others??
Islam is veryyyyyyyyyy beautiful, if you really understand it..really see it through..
it's us who sometimes made it looks ugly huhuu...astaghfirullahal'azim...forgive us ya Allah..

Some may said, it's only a wish..we're not celebrating it..but..well, in Islam, by faith means, believing in your heart, speak with your tongue and do with your body...and if one is not done, it's not to relate, if we wish, even if we're not believing their religions in our heart..well...tepuk dada tanya iman, tanya akal (~_^)

so, before we wish anything, we have to study first, is it religiously related?? if not, wish them all those joyful wishes...if yes, well, maybe you can wish 'Happy Holiday'..

p/s: it is important for us to be in peace with each other..respect each other...but at the same time, it is veryyyyyyyyy much important for us, muslims, to keep our faith, our aqidah in the right track...and for non-muslims, we respect you and your religion..forgive us for not wishing but if you bear with it, you also respect us with our believing, and i thank you all for that (^_^)

haNya dyaNa