Friday, February 4, 2011


salam..'s quite late now rite?
almost a month...wait a minute! it's a month already i have't post anything here..
well, now i'm at home, holiday for a week..
alhamdulillah, we went to Gunung Lang,
I bought my new lappy..
We celebrated Sho's birthday..
we made Laksa Johor...
my sis in law made mee Bandung and Cheese biscuit...
uwahhhhhh.....many things happened just in a week!

anyway, i would like to invite everybody to visit me n my sister's new blog
it's all about our love for Arashi..(hahahahaha)
therefore, there might not be any post about arashi anymore,here..
we'll post anything bout them there..
it's still new..not so many entries yet..
but it's not for profit, so who cares?ehhehe..
here it is..The Double D's blog...

so, for now, that's all.....
gtg yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

haNya dyaNa