Friday, March 18, 2011

pray for japan!

hello there! it's been a while for me to update here.
Sort of buzy I think..
anyway, I really really really want to share my feelings right now..

Everybody knows about what's been happening in Japan right??
It's very much devastating to see all the damage happened..
honestly I can say, if there's no tsunami, Japan may not face any large damage at all right?
Although it was reported that the earthquake was 9.0 richter scale, but Japan is a very well prepared country for earthquake compared to others..but, mother nature has greater force huhuhu....

Yes, i love Japan before i know about Arashi..
and loving Arashi so much made me feel like Japan is my second home after Malaysia..
well,fictionally of course, BECAUSE for me, HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEART IS (^_^)..
that's why, it's very heartbreaking to see all the images..all the cries...all the hardness that people in Japan are facing right now..

I may not rich..but I will help with all my might..
even if MERCY ask anyone who would willingly to volunteer in Japan,even with a big risk (of radiation), i may give my name with all my heart...honest!

though i feel so relief that Arashi is safe. All of them were confirmed safe by their staff, I cant never imagine how much i can bear the pain if something happen to might sound funny,'s true ;P

and for Arashians, well that's why i'm so proud to be one..
there are many communities that put some efforts in raising funds..
if you are interested, you may go here or here
and if you have no money at all, you still can help..
that's the last effort we can do...
we know how hard it is if it's happening in our country..put us in their situation..
we will hope that people will pray for us, will help us, will donate to us..
then, let's do it...what u give,maybe someday u'll get back!

~~writing this with some tears............

haNya dyaNa