Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sammy's adventure and Life as we know it

today was Sisters' day out..
we watched Sammy's Adventure in 3D, lunch in Kenny Roger's and got back with another movie Life as we know it.. :)

so, here i would like to share some personal views on these films :)


well..for this, i gave 4 over 5 stars..the story is good, but a little bit boring in the middle..but the under sea view is marvellous..if you are one of the sea-person, the one that loves to go to aquaria, watch fishes, sharks and etc, this movie is made for u hehe..also, the moral value, it teaches us about our responsibility as human towards the other creature..we need each other to survive..and this movie also share bout the effects of pollution on sea caused by us, HUMAN...This movie is actually about Sammy, the turtle. from the moment he hatched, till he became a he survived his world, and how fate has made him sure about his mate..i like the saying ~~LOVE WILL FIND ITS WAY :)

2nd movie is LIFE AS WE KNOW IT

ok..this one got 5 over 5...sweet..romantic...sad...anddd funny!! yes!
this is about Holly and Mess, they always fight with each other, but they befriended with the same bestfriends, a couple with a baby Sofie. One day their bestfriends died in a tragedy, and they left a will, stated that the guardian of baby Sophie, if anything happened to them are Holly and Mess....So of course at first everything got haywired..but slowly it turned out that they are suitable with each other..they are a family...hermmmm...
so, i was captured with the cuteness of baby Sophie at 1st to watch this movie, and it's so worthy :)
so..if u like a movie that is funny, yet so romantic, and sad in some part (i almost cry ok!)..though a little bit should watch this movie..enjoice!!!

last but not least, we have these for lunch...Kenny Roger's Roaster!!nyam nyammmm!!

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Friday, October 22, 2010

SMILE AGAINN!!! agaiiinnnn...just like the song 'kansha kangeki ame arashi'..
haha..nyway, actually, i have finished watching the SMILE series...and totally in love with it...and also..totally jealous+envy with Hana-chan in this drama..owhhh....can nottttttt!!!

hahahahah....gedik lak haha..

it's very inspiring...i dont really know about foreigner situation in Japan, and this story surprised me. I thought that Japanese never have any racism towards others..but, the truth is, it exists everywhere in the world rite?

Jun-kun as Vito..well, i remember, there's a friend of mine who dont like Jun, because she said, Jun's acting is only about 'budget macho', 'budget handsome'...and i dont agree with her because she judged him through hana yori dango only..SMILE also a proof that Jun is not only acting with his Handsome this drama, you can see so many 'ugly' expression, including 'muka lubang' of Jun hahhahaha...but still, he's the handsomest guy in my heart lalalallala~~~

Hana-chan also so cute in this drama...i was touched by her sweetness and innocent-ness (is there any word like this??hahahah).....but,totally JEALOUS with some scenes of her and Vito...wawawawawa....went to the cinema together?went to see 'girraffe' together?sitting romantically in van??touched hands on glass of the prison??and got confession from Vito about his feeling...aiyookkkkkkk....~~please Diyana, be rasional plzzz hahahhah...

but i love the drama not only because of all inspires me..if u smile in any situation, it may help u through hardship..just like many challenges, but with his smile, everything ends well, though not so easy to get there (^_^)

the only funny thing here is, on the last episode, when Vito got out from prison, he cut his hair's so funny because, it reminds me of younger Jun...seriously, it's like seeing Jun-kun in his teenage years hahahahha...but still handsome haha...

anyhow...i give 5 over 5 stars..errr..but honestly, maybe most of it because I already love Jun-kun huhuhuhuhu....
but, it is worth for u to watch this drama...have the inspiration!!

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

i'm pRoud..

recently, my posts are more on Arashi, but that doesn't mean that i've stopped blogging about life and other things, it just that it takes longer time to write bout others...aishhh....bila Dell mao pulang ke tuannye ni?huhu..

well...anyway, i'm so proud to be Arashian...and that's why this post is about...
well, there are so many reasons, and i'll write the other reasons in other entry..but now, just see this ;)
source: here

love them for who they are ;)

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

anotheR collection?

clearfile ARASHI: mine!
pin badge: 1 is ine, 1 is my sis'
sho clearfile: my sis'
tote bag: mine

total: RM tuuuuuutttttttttt ahhahahhaha

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my neW coLLection?

it's been a while since my last post..
well, the reason is still the same..haha...
my Dell still with my bro...dat's ok..

nyway, here is my latest addition to my collection hehe..
actually, i start to collect all the movie and drama with members of Arashi in it haha..
so previously I already have girl (Aiba Masaki, and special appearance, Sakurai Sho)
2. Saigo no yakusoku (All 5 arashi in there ;P)
3. Myu no anyo papa ni ageru (Matsumoto Jun)
4. Tengoku de kimi ni aetara.. (Ninomiya Kazunari)

well...there are few that i decided not to buy for a while because i've watched it from my friends' DVDs such as Yamada Taro, Hana
Yori Dango, Kimi wa Petto and Bambino. And some from the internet like Kaibutsu-kun, and Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku .But someday i'll buy them goal now is to collect as many as I can the ones that i haven't watched yet..

so, latest edition is.......



Hayakawa Vito has a Filipino father and a Japanese mother, but he was born and raised in Japan and has never visited the Philippines. The ever-smiling Vito works at Machimura Foods during the day, and at night, he works a part-time job trying to make his dreams come true. One day during an incident at a bookstore, he meets a girl named Mishima Hana, who lost her ability to speak due to an accident. But even though she can't speak, Vito is drawn to her beautiful smile. However, Vito becomes wrongly suspected by the police for a crime, and after meeting the lawyer Kazuma, the issue begins to grow... Together, Vito, Hana, and Kazuma will go through challenging times and have to overcome many obstacles. --Tokyograph (

hahahahah....obviously, my fav in Arashi is Matsujun, so...the ones with him in it will capture me more hahahaha.... i'm trying to finish all 3, everyday after work in hospital, SMILE will make my day!!!!! (^_^)

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