Saturday, November 27, 2010

sisters' day out...again!!

ok...previous entry is related to this entry..heheh

today was sisters' day out again..
we watched Harry Potter and the deathly hallows Part 1, and Tangled (Rapunzel)..
both got 5 STARS!!!
seriously, this time in HP..though the situation is getting tougher, but the comedy was there...i had soooo much laughter..though some parts still made me cry huuhuu.. the opening was already got me the moment where hermione disappear from her family~~huhuuu not surprise anymore to those who haven't watched yet hahaha
well...though ARASHI's friendship is still no.1 for me..then, HP n his friends got the 2nd place...risking lives, n gone through almost everything together...well, that's a great friendship rite?

nyway, it's time to go huhuhu...
going to update again, someday!

haNya dyaNa

new addition!! new addition to my collection :)

1. Natsu no koi wa nijiiro ni kagayaku DVD
2. Arashi Around Asia 2008 in Tokyo 1 I got with rm 39.90 and no. 2 was only rm26..and i bought it from a DVD store in Kinta City!!!!wahh..dat's why I love my hometown sooooooo much.....

i cant write long...i'll write full entry bout it someday huhuhuhuu~~~dunno when...

really hope that someday i'll be a regular blogger again huhuhuhuhuhu..

haNya dyaNa

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

hanya dyana..

saya rindu mau update blog selalu......
tapi apakan daya..
takpe..akan cuba cari method untuk update tanpa laptop dan wifi di sisi.. :)
haNya dyaNa