Thursday, April 11, 2013

it's the end...


it's the end....

May be that's the best........


haNya dyaNa

Monday, March 25, 2013

Second chance?

I wrote this in my FB..

And i think i should put it here too (^__^)

Pernah dengar cerita? 
kisah 1: seorang wanita gemuk, dikahwini seorang lelaki yg menerima dia seadanya. Tidak lama selepas itu, si wanita sangat ingin kurus supaya lbih cantik, itu impiannya.. dirayu suaminya, suaminya kerja biasa2 bekerja keras siang dan malam, mencari wang utk program pelangsingan...setelah berjaya kurus dan cantik, wanita itu meminta cerai dari si suami dengan alasan sudah punya kekasih lain.

kisah 2: seorang lelaki yang biasa2, tidak punya banyak harta, tidak ada pangkat tapi punya seorang kekasih yg menerima dia seadanya. Impiannya menjadi seorang jutawan. Biar ketika susah, kekasihnya sentiasa memberi sokongan, mendoakan, menolong sedaya, sehingga satu tahap lelaki itu berjaya, jadi jutawan, punya harta dan kedudukan, ditinggalakn wanita tadi kerana ada wanita lain yg dia jatuh cinta selepas kaya.

kisah 3: seorang anak belajar di universiti. ayahnya hanya pengawal keselamatan, namun ayahnya sanggup mengambil banyak kerja sampingan bagi memenuhi keperluan si ana; laptop, henfon, dsbgnya...namun, saat anaknya berjaya menjadi seorang yg hebat mahu berkahwin dengan anak orang yang hebat, anaknya malu mengaku ayahnya siapa, malah dikatakan dia adalah anak yatim piatu dan berusaha sendiri ketika di universiti.


kisah 1: selepas bercerai, wanita itu ditinggalkan oleh teman lelaki barunya. Dia stress dan gemuk kembali. Kali ini tiada seorang suami menerima dia seadanya..tiada seorang suami untuk menanggung program kurusnya.

kisah 2: lelaki itu berkahwin dengan wanita tersebut, takdirnya dia jatuh sakit, tidak mampu bekerja, perniagaan merudum, dia bankrup, dan isterinya meninggalkannya kerana tidak sanggup bersusah bersama. Kali ini dia susah, dan tiada sesiapa mahu menyokong dan menemani kesusahannya.

kisah 3: anda sendiri sudah boleh bayang apa kesudahannya ;)

Pengajaran: ambil masa sejenak, dan renung sekeliling kamu..-->hargai setiap orang di sekeliling kita yg sanggup bersama dalam setiap keadaan..hargailah org yang terima kita seadanya tika kita tiada apa...hargai orang yg di sisi kita ketika kita susah dan senang...hargai orang di sekeliling kita tatkala manusia lain meremehkan kita..jangan kerana ada impian kamu tercapai, kamu lupa menghargai mereka...kerana jika kamu kehilangan mereka, mungkin tiada lagi peluang kedua untuk kamu...... (^__^)

lebih buruk lagi...mungkin kamu sebenarnya sedang diberi peluang kedua....dan kamu sedang persiakan tanpa kamu sedari.....

haNya dyaNa

Saturday, March 23, 2013

sorry..and Burger Kukus Lava!!!

Assalamualaikum and greetings...

Sorry for still being being down...

So to counterback that entries, i would like to share something here..


Last time I went to Man Burger Kukus Lava in Damansara Damai..

 sori gambar terbalik haha
itu nombor giliran yg akan dipanggil bila burger siap

Patrick Special
Thick patty, and i thinks there's some fats there haha and it was mine hahahha *Fat*

Spongebob double special
square patty, but, err, it seems like too thin for 'a spongebob' not sure because this wasn't mine haha

For me, well, the burger of course was delicious! Lot of mayonnaise and sauce for sure..
Plus the blackpaper sauce...ummmmmh yummy!!!
I think it's kind of healthy because they'll steam the patty first before they burn grill the patty...
so no oil is used, i think haha (^__^)

Oh, the burgers were named after Spongebob Squarepants and friends hehe..
I think the most special one is called Mr Krabs. And the prices are acceptable, for me :)

If you're interested to know more, you can go to the FB site for this stall : Man Burger Kukus Lava

gambar ihsan FB dia heheheh..please 'open image in new tab' for a better view :)

Oh, just a gentle reminder, if you want to eat this at the place, u'll order drinks from other restaurant, so before you're going back, don't forget to pay the drinks hahaa.... because we did!! Luckily the restaurant owner recognized our faces and called...hahaaa...malu malu!

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.
~Charles Spurgeon~

haNya dyaNa

Be strong (",)

Assalamualaikum and greetings....

I saw something on net, and....I think it suits my situation for these few weeks.....

'Be Strong' is what i always say in front of the mirror...

and Smile... to the mirror...

Not a fairy tale, i know.. [^__^]

haNya dyaNa

time is important

Assalamualaikum and greetings!

Actually, i have few things to post and share here...
But i actually have to wait for almost 2 hours for this 'create post' page to load so that i can post my entry...
after 2 hours, allllllllllllllllllllllll the ideas are gone hahahahhaha

and that's why you read this short entry only haha...
don't blame me...blame the broadband? or [^__^]

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” 
 ~Mae West~

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Pitch black!

Assalamualaikum and greetings!!

Just now, i have to go to the lab to verify some results after i got a call from my staff.
Urgent results for transplant case.

On my way back, i stopped at the shop, just looking around with 10 ringgits in hand. (Sape suruh bawa duittttttt?)


yes, i'm a fan of Mountain Dew!! <3 p="">
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sisters' Day Out 2013

Assalamualaikum and Salam Satu Malaysia allll!!!

It's not too late to wish all of you a very Happy New Year!!
May this 2013 will be a lot much better than 2012...lot of happiness, prosperity, health, and better iman too for muslims, InsyaAllah...

So, after few attempts, after being postponed few times, at last my sis and me made it for our Sisters' Day Out hehehehe..since my lil sis became soooooo busy with her college and study, and me being busy and life last, we managed to find one fine day to go out for 'Jalan-jalan Cari Makan' and also window shopping...that's what we both love to do ahaha..and sometimes that window shopping will turn into a real shopping hahahha..

This time, my sis came to my place first on's been a long time since somebody stayed at my place overnight so i was very much excited (^__^)...

After getting ready (about >1 hour okay because my sis keeps 'betul2kan shawl' and i keep changing my shawl heheheh...and last, here we are:

so...ready, set..............YOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

We arrived in Mid Valley around 11.30..and 1st Destination is...........
gambar ihsan pakcik google

yeaaaahhh!! Dubu Dubu Seoul Food...

We've been craving for the food here after watching Running Man members eating Korean Food in their show...Bibimbap..Toppoki and even a clear soup seems sooooooooo, here we are!

After we done with the orders, took some pics before eating..

so after around 15-30 minutes, one by one came heheee...
our drink...Peach tea...sedapppppppppppppppppp!! one of the best peach tea i've ever tasted..

this was mine...Dol Sat Bibimbap Beef (around RM15.90/set, 14.90 ala carte)

then my sister's... Cheese Toppokki.. i think the price is also around RM11-14 if not mistaken..

we also tried the korean pancake (i don't remember the korean name, and a bit lazy to google haha)

and for dessert...Dubu Dubu Bingsu

so..overall, the food were nice!! love them, but honestly, if i come again, i'll order the ala carte dish only because the side dishes don't really 'ngam' with our 'tekak' ehhehe..the side dishes are the ones that u can see in our pic above...i prefer Seoul Garden kimchi..only the soup is nice...a little to comment, the cheese toppokki, we have only very little cheese, and no egg in there (pic in menu have eggs) but still sedappp especially the fishcakes...but other that that, our Bibimbap, the pancake, and Bingsu were fabulous...

Total i paid for all these are RM62.80 (or was it 68.20?) hehe..i don't keep the receipt so i'm not really sure but it's around that...

After being toooooooooooooo full, we walk around the complex, doing some shopping and window shopping...

Oh, forgot to tell, on the same day also, Malaysian Extreme Arashi Team organized Arafes Screening in Redbox...actually previously we thought we want to join this screening like last year, but after few discussion, we decided not to join. But, as i ordered a mug from Fara who joined the screening, so we have to go there to get it...
In front of Red box, we heard them screaming or the right word is kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaing...even the song we can heard from the outside..we were soooo tempted, my sis even asked to enter but i don't want to, because we didn't pay for that is the mug i ordered, thanx to Fara Aiba

after that, my sis saw some people getting onto something, and felt curious, and asked me to check it out, and you know what, it's like a Roller Coaster simulator (i think) called X ride, where u can watch a short movie with 4D experience (aroun 5-8mins), and lucky us, we got the ticket with promotion price that is RM12/person (normal RM20)...and here is our pic there..the experience there was priceless hahah...but because we expect it too be soooo scary (because we heard people before us screaming like hell), when we tried it, the ride was sooooo cool, but honestly, we're not scared at all, we laughed our hearts out in there..i didn't know why i felt sooooooooooo funny...and kept laughing allllllllll the way hahaha..but honestly, if you feel stress, and need a short (a very short) escape, come here, just at the left of Red Box and experience it yourself...

after walking for few hours, my feet sored, and we have to stop for a while for prayer, after prayer, my sis and i 'lepak' at Big Apple, plus my sis was craving for the Apple tea..

oh, i also treated my lil sis with Mochi Sweets from Gardens..Mango yogurt and Caramel it!

and some pics we've taken while strolling around hehehe...i think that day was also gamer's day or convention or something like that because they have competitions and etc.....

so, that's it for now.....
thanks to my lil sis DALILA MASTOR time ada rezeki kita buat lagi okeh!!

Thanx for reading!! adios!! assalamualaikum... ja ne! <3 p="p">
haNya dyaNa