Friday, December 31, 2010


I'm safely arrived in 1432 Hijriah..
Will I be safely arrive to 2011 too??not yet to be sure, got about 11 hours to go..
But still..alhamdulillah..
2010 is a veryyyyy good year for me..

yes..though it started with miserable moments (continued from the end of 2009)..
I felt so hopeless...but i kept telling myself to keep moving forward..
i kept telling that Allah knows the best for me..
and then, came THE LIGHT..A CHANCE TO HIJRAH..
it came at the moment where honestly, I never ever think that it will come..
i thought that there's no way i could change it...and Allah gave me the chance that i could never imagine..Subhanallah.. chapter of my life had started in April..
i got a government job..Honestly, I can say it's one of my dream jobs (well, i failed in achieving my ambition to be a doctor haha..also failed for Forensic)..and this one, is something that i've been dreaming of since my practical time in Hospital Ipoh..yes..Microbiology Science Officer in Hospital..because, as I said to my supervisor, my heart belongs to Medical Microbiology..not Agricultural Microb..

Well, of course it wasn't 'everyday is heaven''s LIFE ok!
there were also ups and downs..but still, doing things I love sooooo much, has made me stronger than before..
there are times when i felt sad..disappointed..but that was all because of human..
well, as most of us must have been warned that Employment will give u 'chance's to meet a very wide range of people..thus, i was things i experienced much in UPM also has prepared do I have to mind about people anymore?It's Allah that I care about..
Is my work good enough in HIS eyes?
Is my niat is good enough for HIM to accept?
Are my good deeds came from a sincere heart?
all that and many others should i worry right?

i'm strong enough because I also have my FAMILY that I love sooo much..
yeah, we also sometimes have waves among us..but, we're family..Blood is thicker than water right?? to my Family..i'm sooooo grateful that you all are always there for me..

and of course i could never forget my saviour...ARASHI..
well, i know it seems stupid, annoying bla bla bla if u hear about fangirling..
but honestly, this is my 1st time in my whole 24 years of life that i fell sooooo deep in love with a group (especially my ichiban:Matsumoto jun (~_^)..)
they have motivated me through their songs..their dramas..their baka2 shows...and ultimately from their friendship..they have showed me the right way to be a more positive person..
so...come on!! ARASHI for dream! yeah!
and thanks to Arashi, now my sister and I have many new friends from different background and countries..and for me as long as we share the same love, i'll love them as much as I love Arashi (~_^) thank u all for being our new friends!! so, how come i shouldn't be grateful for their existence? i'm sooooooooo delighted that i have the chance to know Arashi, to love them, to be their fan, eventhough they would never know my existence (really?someday i'll show up in front of their eyes ok!)..and even i'm already 24 years and 12 days old, I hope that i'll be their fangirl for the next 10 years more hahaha..I hope, the love will never fade..

So...HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!! hope this year will be better that 2010...
I wish u all thousands of success and happiness for 2011!!!!

haNya dyaNa

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

am i or am i not an ARASHI's die-hard fan?

well..let's decide i or am i not a die hard fan of ARASHI..
i've made a list, and mixed up the recent ones and the old ones too..hehehe

1. When I type something starting with the letter 'A' in youtube or google search, the 1st word will come out is ARASHI

2. In my phone's calendar, there are reminders for sho's, nino's, jun's, ohno's and aiba's birthdays..

3. so sudden, my favourite shows are ARASHI's variety show

4. Even my niece knows Arashi, eventhough she's only 2 and a half year old..hahah..( i bought a mini uchiwa with arashi pic, and asked her who they are, and she'll answer 'Alachi'..hahah)

5. Most of my downloaded videos are ARASHI related..

6. Most of my J-drama DVD have Arashi members as the cast...(well u may know it from my previous2 posts haha)

7. when i feel depressed, sad, or stressed out, ARASHI will cure me through their songs, shows
and drama....other than Al-Quran and ibadah...

8. when i'm doing nothing...suddenly i'll sing 'hyakunen sakimo.......' or 'donna..kotoba wo tsukaeba motto'...or some other chorus part sooooo loud..hahah

9. tears will fill my eyes everytime i think about their powerful friendship..especially when i listen to 5x10 song huhuhuhu......

10. I always imagine that someday, they'll be my close friends..haha

11. the country that i truly madly deeply love to go is JAPAN

12. when I see any Japanese tourist in malaysia, 1st thing come up to my mind is "can I ask her/him about Arashi?.."

13. Even upon hearing people speak Japanese, or saying JAPAN only, ARASHI will come to my mind

14. when i'm in a public places, eg. train station, i will imagine that i'll meet Arashi there and the only people realize their existence there is me and they will appreciate me for noticing them hahahahhaha....

15. Other than my RasulAllah saw and His Sahabah (1st place)...the 2nd most greatest friendship (in my opinion) is Arashi's friendship..

16. when i'm in Speedy or album store, the 1st division i'll go is Japanese/Korean..looking for Arashi's original album..but..always end up with disappoinment...

17. When I heard that someone I know is studying in Japan, I'll be soooooo jealous of him/her because he/she manage to go to Arashi's country...again..the words are 'Arashi's country'

18. Most of my Bookmark adresses are related to Arashi...

19. Suddenly, i feel that all Arashian (fans of Arashi) are my doesn't matter they know me or not, the thing is, we share the same love for the same people..and that people want to spread the love, not the hate, so let's spread the love!!!(~_^)

20. from now on, i'll wish or maybe celebrate 5 birthdays without the birthday-boys~~~ARASHI's!

21. i'm not someone who will add friends in Facebook without knowing who are they..but, EXCEPTION to Arashi's fans haha!

22. well, in Jusco, there's a part where they're selling Japanese food, and that's one of my fav place in Jusco ahhahahahahah...

23. i really really really do wanna learn japanese language soooooooo fact, i'm saving money to but a dvd set for learning japanese..heheh..

24. i start to use some japanese words...well...ohaiyoo..otanjoubi omedettou...ittadakimas...n many others haha....

25. when i see Doraemon, Nino will come to my mind

26. Whenever i watch a fishing documentary...or people say about fishing, Ohno will come up in my mind haha...

27. Even when people talking about 'skin-tan', it's Ohno i think about..

well, this list may be longer...i'll add up everytime i do something that make people think 'Is she really a die hard fan of ARASHI??' hehehehhe...

by the way...happy birthday Aiba-chan!!
hope ur bakawaii will last forever... (^_~)

haNya dyaNa