Sunday, December 25, 2011

it is forbidden.....but i still love my friends...

I know what day is today..
but as a muslim..i am forbidden to wish and celebrate this day..
It may cause a roar among people..especially among Christians..
why cant Muslim wish us 'Merry Christmas' while when they were celebrating Hari Raya, we wish them 'Selamat Hari Raya' joyfully..
this is not only for Christmas actually..
We, Muslims are forbidden to wish for any religious-celebration...only!
it is because, we, Muslims are only allowed to believe that only ISLAM is true..
only ALLAH is the God and Muhammad PBUH is His Prophet...

by saying 'Merry Christmas'...or 'Happy Deepavali'..
it also means that we admit that other religion is true, your God is true..
and that's forbidden for us..
Islam is not racist..cause it is not about RACE...but it is about religion..
I'm not an Ulama', so i dont put any dalil here..
I dont want to be someone who just cut and paste everything from the internet to make me look like very much knowledgeable, so i just write my opinion..
but if you want some dalil... this page may help: HERE.
if you love internet, you can google for more sources..

In certain country, with major are Christians, the fatwa maybe slightly different..
For Malaysians, please dont make this as a racism issue...
I still love all my friends..doesn't matter whether u are Christians, or Buddhist or Hindus, but in term of religion, i love Islam more..i love ALLAH more..
and this is important for muslims, because it is about faith..about aqidah..
so, please bear with us for this facts..

and for muslims, let's strive in understanding Islam more...
if we, muslims don't really understand our beloved religion, how can we explain to others??
how can we show the beauty of Islam to others??
Islam is veryyyyyyyyyy beautiful, if you really understand it..really see it through..
it's us who sometimes made it looks ugly huhuu...astaghfirullahal'azim...forgive us ya Allah..

Some may said, it's only a wish..we're not celebrating it..but..well, in Islam, by faith means, believing in your heart, speak with your tongue and do with your body...and if one is not done, it's not to relate, if we wish, even if we're not believing their religions in our heart..well...tepuk dada tanya iman, tanya akal (~_^)

so, before we wish anything, we have to study first, is it religiously related?? if not, wish them all those joyful wishes...if yes, well, maybe you can wish 'Happy Holiday'..

p/s: it is important for us to be in peace with each other..respect each other...but at the same time, it is veryyyyyyyyy much important for us, muslims, to keep our faith, our aqidah in the right track...and for non-muslims, we respect you and your religion..forgive us for not wishing but if you bear with it, you also respect us with our believing, and i thank you all for that (^_^)

haNya dyaNa

Saturday, November 12, 2011

one pOint to anOther..

*****one day****
an old friend called me for catching up
yeah, after i signed up as scientific officer, i barely spend my time with my old friends
owh, forgot, this old friend is a boy-friend
for me, he's like a brother, so we used to share many things..
and at some point, this conversation happened to be about:

old-friend: diyana da berubah ke?
me: sangatttttt...confirm da berubah..pakaian pon..
old-friend: diyana dah xpakai macam dulu ke?
me: totally not huhuhu..
old-friend: kenapa??
me: huhu..jangan tanya kenapa**sebak**
me: tapi...mungkin sebab iman dah nipis huhuhu**sebak lagi**

yeah...i've changed a lot...
in someway..better..
in some way...worse...

i know that now i'm happier...
now that my life has more meaning...
i have new great friends..(well all my friends from school till now are great)..
i know that some of my dreams already came true..
some are still in process..keep striving for those.. the same time, i miss a little bit of my old self..
especially on how i wear things huhu..
i clothes...
totally, all based on my Iman now huhuhu...

today, when i was in the KTM train, i saw 3 woman wearing 'tudung labuh' and 'jubah'..
and that moment i realize that i miss a little bit of my old self...
the one that is very good in covering the aurat of a muslimah....

but i have reasons...(maybe they were just my excuses ;p )..
i've been through soooooooooo many things...
and i learnt from all those things...
and when i was given a second chance, i used it wisely..
i came with new image...
well..maybe..just maybe..
if i want to change it back to how it used to be, maybe i should change my place..
i mean..hijrah to a new place..then maybe it will be easier (~_^)

i love how my life is now...
but i also want to be a better muslimah....
please pray for me........................................................................

haNya dyaNa

Sunday, October 9, 2011

aRashian day!!

yes..true, the title has done no wrong!
today was an arashian day for me and my sis..
we joined the event organized by M.E.A.T.
it was full of excitement in Cosmic Bowl Mid Valley..
it was actually a birthday bash for Matsumoto Jun and yes, i praised the efforts of our organizer for this exciting event..
we started the day with bowling..i was in Sho team and my sis was in Ohno's...
then we took a break for prayer after we finished 2 round of games..
and continued with 'makan-makan'...and a little bit of Intro Don quiz, which i succeed to answer my fav song : SIRIUS (~_^) *big grin*
then the prize giving ceremony!!! yiihaaaa...
and our team which is Sho's team got 2nd place out of six hehhe...
and 1st went toooo......Birthday boy's team!!!! omedettou!!
and forgot to tell, we had 6 teams: 5 Arashis plus Pakcik Johnny hahahahhahahahhaha
and lastly...jeng jeng jeng...

yes..a cake with purple icing and 5 Arashi's colour in it!!!

well, totally worth it i with the hectic working weeks, this weekend totally cleaned it all..

err..anyway, i always thought that i'm a good Bowling player, and today, proudly announce that I'M NOT anymore hahahahhahahah....

OTANJOUBI OMEDETTOU my dear Matsujun....
Thank you to the organizer for all the wonderful moments...
Thank you to ARASHI for making my life better..(it was good before, but now is better)..
and thank you to all Arashians who have been very friendly with us....
love allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of you!!!!!!!!

p/s:this entry should be in the other blog, the one that is dedicated only for Arashi-related things...
but..hehe...sometimes let's breeak the rule!!!

haNya dyaNa

Saturday, September 3, 2011

salam aidilfitri!!

i know it's kind of late to wish 'SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!!' (5th day already)


i would like to apologize to everybody for all my wrongdoings, all my 'khilaf's, if i hurt somebody unintentionally either with my words or actions, i'm truly sorry...i'm not MAAF ZAHIR BATIN (^_^).. may our ukhwah last forever....SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI!

haNya dyaNa

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramadhan datang lagi..

selamat menyambut Ramadhan bagi semua yang beragama Islam..
moga Ramadhan tahun ini lebih baik dari Ramadhan sebelumnya..
Ampun maaf segala silap dan khilaf sebagai manusia biasa...
Moga Allah permudahkan segala urusan kita Ramadhan tahun ini...

haNya dyaNa

Saturday, June 4, 2011

menggeleng saja cukupkah?

terpanggil untuk betul-betul menulis..
hari ini agak terkejut sebab baru berpeluang melayan internet tanpa limit heheh..
dan terjumpa satu kisah berkenaan seorang remaja MELAYU ISLAM (maaf,ini adalah realiti yg harus saya highlight) yang baru berusia 14 tahun dan dengan bangganya mengaku dia sudah TIADA DARA lagi di blognya...huhuhu..nauzubillahiminzalik!

telah saya layankan blognya, dan selihat saya, pengalamannya sebagai blogger agak baru...
tapi itu bukanlah soalnya..

sekiranya itu saudara perempuan saya, tidak kiralah adik, sepupu, kakak, dua pupu atau kupu-kupu, pastinya saya amatttttttt sedih kerana biarpun GADIS ini bukan saudara saya, sedih masih ada di hati kerana dia adalah saudara seISLAM saya...

maaf...saya takkan link kan blog dia di sini....tidak akan menyebut namanya di sini...supaya mereka yang tidak pernah tahu akan terus tidak tahu siapa dia..
malah saya memilih untuk menulis dalam bahasa malaysia kerana mungkin dengan itu, hasrat dan tujuan saya di sini akan lebih sampai...

setelah saya meninjau blog dia (saya segan untuk guna BELIAU)..
hasil tinjauan di blog dan FB dia dan kawan2nya, dapat saya simpulkan, itu adalah salah satu cara hidup yg telah lama wujud di MALAYSIA...sayang...agama bagai bukan lagi cara hidup...
sayang...kerana anak2 muda inilah harapan negara dan agama...muda yang amat, 14 tahun..

saya di kala usia 14 tahun? duduk di asrama, jika bercuti, hanya habiskan masa bersama family..
ya, keluarga saya agak tegas berkenaan pergaulan...tegas dalam hal menghabiskan masa lapang dgn siapa dan di mana serta tujuannya..
dan saya amat bersyukur akan perkara2 itu...

bayangkan...SISHA...saya hanya mengenal sisha apabila sudah lepas ke universiti, errr kenal dlm erti kata kenal bukan menghisapnya ye!!heheheh..tapi anak2 muda ini??sisha bagai satu benda biasa....huhuhu....

mungkin gadis ini mangsa keadaan, mungkin tersilap memilih kawan...mungkin tersilap memilih haluan...mungkin tersilap memahami tujuan hidup.....dan maafkan saya, mungkin juga...mungkin saja...keluarga terrrrrsilap mendidik, wallahua'alam..tapi kita sbg saudara seISLAM, adakah hanya akan mengutuk?hanya mewujudkan group anti gadis ini??apakah tindakan kita??kerana saya sangattttttttttttttttt pasti, adik ini bukan seorang...jika tidak, sudah pasti tiada kes buang bayii merata2...tiada kes seorang remaja 12 tahun mati jatuh bangunan ketika melarikan diri dari ditangkap berbuat maksiat?paling lemah skalipun, mari kita doakan ALLAH beri mereka hidayah dna petunjuk...masih belum terlewat selagi hayat masih dikandung, nafas masih mampu dihirup, pintu taubat masih belum tertutup. setiap hari, selepas solat, jangan terlalu pentingkan diri berdoa utk diri sendiri....berdoalah untuk org lain juga...kerana, mungkin hidup kita selama ini juga sedikit sebanyak dibantu oleh doa dari saudara2 kita yang lain, WALLAHUA'ALAM...

sama2lah kita kukuhkan institusi kekeluargaan...kukuhkan iman....kukuhkan persaudaraan...kerana setiap individu dalam masyarakat bertanggungjawab ke atas individu yg lain...kerana setiap 'SAYA' lah yang menghasilkan 'KITA'....

sesungguhnya...saya juga bukan manusia sempurna..hati juga banyak noda hitam...banyak juga tergelincir..terpeleot..tapi kita tidak perlu menjadi sempurna untuk membetulkan org lain kerana kita takkan pernah sempurna dan kerana itulah kita perlu saling membetulkan..

saya sudahi entry ini dengan peringatan KHAS UNTUK DIRI SAYA, AM UNTUK YANG LAIN MEMBACA.....................................................................

وَمَا هَـٰذِهِ ٱلۡحَيَوٰةُ ٱلدُّنۡيَآ إِلَّا لَهۡوٌ۬ وَلَعِبٌ۬‌ۚ وَإِنَّ ٱلدَّارَ ٱلۡأَخِرَةَ لَهِىَ ٱلۡحَيَوَانُ‌ۚ لَوۡ ڪَانُواْ يَعۡلَمُونَ
Dan (ingatlah bahawa) kehidupan dunia ini (meliputi segala kesenangan dan kemewahannya, jika dinilaikan dengan kehidupan akhirat) tidak lain hanyalah ibarat hiburan dan permainan dan sesungguhnya negeri akhirat itu ialah kehidupan yang sebenar-benarnya; kalaulah mereka mengetahui (hakikat ini tentulah mereka tidak akan melupakan hari akhirat).
(Surah Al-Ankabut 29: Ayat ke 64)

haNya dyaNa


it's been long...
sorry my dear's been so long since i updated u..
i'll find time for u...
i promise...

haNya dyaNa

Monday, April 11, 2011

ada kisah..

hari ini sangat gloomy...
sangat...tanpa tahu punca..
mungkin juga sebab emosi kurang stabil..
yang pasti...hari ini agak gloomy......


nak citer pasal gantz n sisters' day out pun takde hati.....................................

haNya dyaNa

Thursday, April 7, 2011

sisters' day out again?

Yeahhh...totally can't wait for it!!! I come!!!!

haNya dyaNa

Sunday, April 3, 2011

keeps giving reason..

i have my laptop now..
i have the internet too..
but still...i dont know what to write..
wait..i have many things to write..
it just but....huhuhuhuhuhuhu....................................

haNya dyaNa

Friday, March 18, 2011

pray for japan!

hello there! it's been a while for me to update here.
Sort of buzy I think..
anyway, I really really really want to share my feelings right now..

Everybody knows about what's been happening in Japan right??
It's very much devastating to see all the damage happened..
honestly I can say, if there's no tsunami, Japan may not face any large damage at all right?
Although it was reported that the earthquake was 9.0 richter scale, but Japan is a very well prepared country for earthquake compared to others..but, mother nature has greater force huhuhu....

Yes, i love Japan before i know about Arashi..
and loving Arashi so much made me feel like Japan is my second home after Malaysia..
well,fictionally of course, BECAUSE for me, HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEART IS (^_^)..
that's why, it's very heartbreaking to see all the images..all the cries...all the hardness that people in Japan are facing right now..

I may not rich..but I will help with all my might..
even if MERCY ask anyone who would willingly to volunteer in Japan,even with a big risk (of radiation), i may give my name with all my heart...honest!

though i feel so relief that Arashi is safe. All of them were confirmed safe by their staff, I cant never imagine how much i can bear the pain if something happen to might sound funny,'s true ;P

and for Arashians, well that's why i'm so proud to be one..
there are many communities that put some efforts in raising funds..
if you are interested, you may go here or here
and if you have no money at all, you still can help..
that's the last effort we can do...
we know how hard it is if it's happening in our country..put us in their situation..
we will hope that people will pray for us, will help us, will donate to us..
then, let's do it...what u give,maybe someday u'll get back!

~~writing this with some tears............

haNya dyaNa

Friday, February 4, 2011


salam..'s quite late now rite?
almost a month...wait a minute! it's a month already i have't post anything here..
well, now i'm at home, holiday for a week..
alhamdulillah, we went to Gunung Lang,
I bought my new lappy..
We celebrated Sho's birthday..
we made Laksa Johor...
my sis in law made mee Bandung and Cheese biscuit...
uwahhhhhh.....many things happened just in a week!

anyway, i would like to invite everybody to visit me n my sister's new blog
it's all about our love for Arashi..(hahahahaha)
therefore, there might not be any post about arashi anymore,here..
we'll post anything bout them there..
it's still new..not so many entries yet..
but it's not for profit, so who cares?ehhehe..
here it is..The Double D's blog...

so, for now, that's all.....
gtg yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

haNya dyaNa